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Petition for spouse for citizenship

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petition for spouse citizenship

Petition for spouse for citizenship

Visas for Fiancé(e)s of U.S. Citizens
If you are a U.S. citizen, you can bring a foreign fiancée to the United States to get married. However, you must first apply for a finance visa. You will begin the process by filling out Form 1-29F, Petition for Alien Fiancé. The form is accessible through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website:

To fill out this form, however, you must (1) be a U.S. citizen (whether born or naturalized) and provide evidence of the fact (birth certificate, passport). You must submit the necessary supporting evidence that you (2) intend to get married within 90 days of when your fiancé is admitted to the U.S., and have (3) meet your fiancé in person at least two years before filing the petition. You will then submit the form with the appropriate filing fees ($535).

The advantage of hiring Liberty Law is that (1) you ensure you correctly file the forms and supply the necessary evidence relevant to your case. You should not, in my opinion, try to take on immigration challenges and issues alone. If you make a mistake, your finance may not be allowed to enter or denied the visa, or he/she could be permanently banned from coming to the U.S. or apply for a green card.

Moreover, (2) we can help with any additional questions or concerns you may have about your specific case. In some cases, the finance may have children, and they may be eligible for a visa. The child must be under the age of 21, listed on the 1-129F Petition, and supporting evidence for the child must be filed before a visa is issued.

In other cases, the applicant and the fiancé may have never actually met in person. Many circumstances may contribute to this. Religious beliefs, physical disability, financial problems, or other similar reasons that may make it unlikely for either part to meet.

The USCIS would be willing to waive the requirement relating to meeting in person if (1) they find that meeting your fiancé would result in hardship or (2) violate the socio-cultural practices of the fiancé’s foreign culture. It is better to have representation to help prove your case than risk trying to represent yourself in such an important matter.

If you need an immigration attorney in Salt Lake City, American Fork, or Clearfield, Utah, you can contact Liberty Law at 801-709-6309. Trust Liberty Law to help you with fiancé visa application with care and diligence. We are immediately available to answer any questions and help you with your fiancé visa eligibility. Please feel free to call us today for your free consultation.

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